Dim Out/ Night Curtains

Our Dim-Out/ Night Curtains

Don’t be confused as they are not the same! As the name suggests, there are two type of curtains that block the sun out, depending on whether you’re a 85-95% sun lover or a 100% sun blocker. Dim-out curtains allows light to emit about 85-95%, whereas Night curtains totally block it out for you!

Dim-out or Night Curtains? Which is right for me?

For people who DOES NOT LIKE the sun, READ THIS.
Night Curtains are the perfect fabric for you. Keep your little dark, mystic room with out 100% block-out fabric, enjoy your home theatre (if you have one!) even when the sun is scorching! Oh and if your eyes or the vampire-you is sensitive to light, Night curtains are your best bet!
They’re available in all type of colours too!

For people who DO NOT MIND the sun, READ THIS.
Dim-out and day curtains are the perfectto-fit for you! Know it’s time to wake up with a soft emit of light to your bedroom! With light coming in that is NOT HARSH at ALL, Dim-out curtains only blocks out 85%-90% of the light, so rest assured it can still be used as a night curtain to block the sun out while you’re asleep!

What are the materials available?

Ranging from cotton to linen to silk and more, all of our curtains comes in different type of textures and colours for you to choose from. Spoilt for choices or don’t know which to pair? Speak to us today!

Can I pair it with Day Curtains?

Curtains, as categorized into mainly 3; Day curtains, Dim-out curtains and Night curtains, are often a 2-in-1 package. Simply choose Day/Dim-out OR Day/Night or even have just the Day curtains for the sun lovers!

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