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One of the staple window furnishings to allow for glorified bright and airy look will be choosing a touch of sheer and elegance of fabric that can be classified into materials such as organza, lace, linen or even sticking to the all-time popular polyester. Popular among the green-fingers hooomans and people who prefer sunlight to come in but want to keep the scorching sun and harmful UV rays out. 

Why have Day Curtains?

One of the reasons why Day curtains has been widely popular and still in-trend now is because… they are never boring! Day Curtains tops not only it’s lightweight sheer fabric, but how it blocks out harmful UV rays yet at the same time gives off a glowing, soft look for your hut.



Day curtains are plain and

Whoever said Day curtains are dull and old-fashioned seriously need to rethink! Day curtains material swatches are a variety of textures and designs. From Organza, Lace, Polyester or to the eco-Linen, you can choose its’ design from polka dots, swirling lines or even just have it… Plain and sleek! It’s all in the details, AND the eyes of the beholder.

What can Day Curtains pair with?

Curtains, as categorized into mainly 3; Day curtains, Dim-out curtains and Night curtains, are often a 2-in-1 package. Simply choose Day/Dim-out OR Day/Night or even have just the Day curtains for the sun lovers!

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